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Updated: May 1st, 2017

Ok for real this time we are in Summer Hibernation til fall!

thank you to the Mendota City Council for allowing us to open last weekend while it poured outside!

Thanks to all that came out last weekend.  We will work hard all summer to make next winter riding a good if not great time!  If you have any doubt that riding this winter has helped........there are a number of riders that have shown some excellent improvement with little "winter lag".   That little advantage is hard work, and riding when it's a little chilly.  Good luck this racing season!

 Many new things are planned for this fall!  Dirt has already started to be delivered. Have some ideas that you would like to see, send us an email no idea will be ignored!  Input on this project is always welcome!  Many have helped to date and we thank you!  

Results for the Megatraxs Heavy Metal Trials here!
Photos from 893 Photos from this event click here!

New Phone number for Megatraxs AND Megacross

815.414.8099 this is in the office.

We are closed for the season. Thank you to all the riders who came out and rode!


Location: 605 12th Street Mendota IL 61342 NOT a Mailing address!!

email wardy @mtco.com  (take out yellow space)

815.414.8099 office number

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