Prices and Plans for the Season.


10.00 ALL persons. This is a one time per season membership fee. Card replacement 5.00 Spectators 9 yrs and under are free, but still must fill out membership forms. Membership expires April 15th of current year.

Day Fees

       35.00   14  Years old and up.


       30.00     9-13 Years old
         25.00     4-8 Years old

We will sell a limited amount of platinum/season passes. The earlier they are bought, the more value they have.




All inclusive.

 Megatraxs, Megacross, Fox Valley Off Road.

 All gate fees, practice fees, Pit passes etc.

 Family of 5. 2 adults, 3 children under 21 yrs old.  Does not include race entry fees. This is for family structure same address Depending on how we develop the rest of the indoor, it will include it as well.


Prices for these packages are on request.  Will email.

Please note the email has been sent. If you didn't receive it email me.

Fox Valley Off Road Current year members may upgrade at a discount on Platinum or Season passes. (email sent)
Megatraxs Current / Previous Mtxs card holders also receive discount on Platinum or season passes. (email sent)

 Family Winter Season Passes (October 15th thru April 15th)

14yrs - up this is for  a single rider add 75.00 for additional adult 625.00
9-13 yrs  this is for a single rider, add 50.00 for additional <13yr 575.00
4-8 yrs this is for a single rider, add 50.00 for additional rider same age. 475.00
  Season passes include all non riding family membership cards  

Days and Hours of operation will be on the home page.

Private rentals.


# riders


3 hours



2 hours



1 Hour




Riders 30.00 each

We will need a few things for this to work. 

  • All persons entering the facility will have to be members just like any other ride day.

  •  (10.00 on time per season fee.)

  • We need at least a 24 hour day ahead notice (but always ask if it's a spur of the moment decision.)

  • Yes you can write a check for the rental.

  • We will do some grooming but time will dictate how much.

  • Riders will need to arrive all in the first 1/2 hour of the rental.

  • All normal riding rules apply. 

  • Rental reservations are on a first come first serve basis (we have had a ton of requests)